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It was a beautiful summer day.  The sun was shining and everyone was in a flurry of excitement when I arrived at Sarah’s parents that morning.  After over a year of planning their Michigan wedding from where Sarah and Jarrett were living in Georgia, everything had fallen into place and their wedding was absolutely beautiful, filled with love and lots of pretty and personal details.

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Sarah’s Grandmother was the first baptism to take place at St. Gertrude and Sarah & Jarrett are the last couple to get married here.  Truly a lot of family history in this church and making the ceremony even more personal, Sarah’s cousin Father Scott, flew in from California to marry them.

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Afterwards we headed over to Miller’s Marina for portraits.  

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0372
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0347
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Michigan Wedding Photographer_0351

Sarah looked absolutely stunning and Viviano’s did another beautiful job on their flowers.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0376

Jarrett was looking pretty handsome himself

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0373

And together, they make quite a good looking couple!  I bet they’re going to have a beautiful family one day.  ;-)

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0374

The Reception took place at Cherry Creek and was decorated with beautifully with cream and glittering pink details.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0353

Their delicious cake crafted by Josef’s Bakery was almost too beautiful to eat.  Almost.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0364

Cocktail hour took place outside and was complete with a custom ice sculpture martini luge for guests to enjoy.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0370
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We had a few minutes to spare before their grand entrance which gave us some time for pictures outside the beautiful grounds of Cherry Creek.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0362
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0363
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0361
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0368
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0369
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0354
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0355
Michigan Wedding Photographer_0356
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Love this moment between Sarah and her father during their dance…

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0358

One of their groomsmen is quite talented and performed “Simple Man” by Lynard Skynard for Jarrett to share a dance with his mom.

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0359

The night was perfect and everyone was having an amazing time celebrating with Sarah and Jarrett thanks to Dave with Solid Gold Sound who kept the dance floor hopping all night long!

Michigan Wedding Photographer_0375

Congratulations Sarah and Jarrett!


Everyone was always asking them when we were going to get married, but they knew they wanted their dream wedding so they waited and saved.  Six years later, surrounded by gorgeous trees and the love of their family and friends, over looking Bower’s Harbor on the Mission Peninsula, Kelly & Tyler’s wedding was truly a dream. Their love for Michigan and the outdoors shined through in every little detail.    The day was perfect and the sunshine was welcomed after a lot of rain the previous day and everyone was filled with laughter and joy.










The ceremony was beautiful and personal.  Kelly’s Aunt performed the ceremony and I just love these moments between mother and child…







Afterwards we moved inside to the Peninsula Room for the dinner and dancing and the room was stunning filled with rustic details.  Wildflowers adorned the room and tables were named after Michigan Craft Breweries.




Sugar Kissed creating these delectable cupcakes in the most amazing flavors


Bottles of homemade wine were given to guests.  Tyler’s parents make their own wine on their property in Northern Michigan and I’m telling you, it was delishious!  :-)


They kept everything local (except me!).  The menu was all farm to fork local and libations included all Michigan Craft Beers and Traverse City wines and Spirits.



After dinner we snuck away for a few portraits around the gorgeous property and vineyard





Congratulations Kelly & Tyler!


Today I’m excited to share one of Kevin’s recent weddings!  Nicole and Jeff have been a couple for over 12 years and in June during a beautiful ceremony at Beacon Hill Golf Club they committed to be a couple forever.



The day started at the Comfort Suites in Wixom and Nicole wore this stunning gown from The Wedding Shoppe


They chose a First Look at Beacon Hill and I adore Nicole’s expression as she sees Jeff for the first time on their wedding day!


The ceremony took place under the pergola with a gorgeous view of the lake in the background.


The room looked amazing with beautiful shades of blue…


Their cake was created by Milford Bakery and was one of the most unique cakes I’ve seen in a while.  It’s so pretty with all of the blue flowing down the side!


Big Ben from Elite Entertainment was their DJ, so you know the dance floor was hopping all night long!


Congratulations Nicole and Jeff!  Kevin and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Stacy woke one morning to a dozen pink roses in her bathroom and knew that Mike was buttering her up for something, but was not expecting to come home from work to a new puppy.  As she knelt to read the name tag, so did Mike.  On the new puppy’s name tag Stacey found another surprise when instead of his name it read, “Stacy, will you marry me?”  She turned to find Mike on one knee asking for her hand… On a beautiful day in June, Stacy and Mike stood before their most loved family and friends where they pledged to love each other forever…

0003-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

The day took place at the Concord Inn in Clinton Township where Stacy and her girls got ready in the wedding suite.

0027-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0085-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0112-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0258-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

They chose a “first look” in the Courtyard while their family watched from within the Atrium

0268-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0295-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0362-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0349-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0416-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0441-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0449-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0469-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0744-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0956-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1043-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
0970-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1119-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1125-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1238-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

Mike was beaming as Stacy was escorted down the aisle proudly by her father.

1270-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1333-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1317-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1136-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

1835-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

1621-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB

1745-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB
1698-Hirschfield Wedding_WEB


I took a little blog break from blogging towards the end of last year.   And while I’m sorry to not have shared those weddings and sessions, my life was a complete whirlwind last year and I couldn’t keep up.   My family life was in a tailspin and I was struggling to keep up with a major year of growth for my business.  See Scott’s mom lost her 8 year battle with cancer right before Christmas in 2012 and 2013 started with us grieving not only the loss of his mother, and an amazing woman but we found it reopening the wounds of loosing his dad years before.  The pain of loosing both of your parents before the age of 40 is unimaginable and something no one should have to go through by the way.

While we were cleaning out 30+ years of memories, all of a sudden we found ourselves getting ready for our own move. We weren’t quite expecting it, but we found our dreamhouse and now we had 2 houses on the market.  We were now packing up 12 years of our own lives together and I was heading into my busiest wedding season ever.  Getting ready to move from our very first home, where our lives started together and preparing for 30 upcoming weddings literally consumed me and at the same time Scott’s sister found out that they would be moving out of state bringing us to 3 houses going up for sale all in the same week!

Why am I sharing all of this now? I don’t know. I  sort of feel like I shut down in the past year and was flying on auto pilot.  I’m finally settled in and for the first time ever I’m caught up.  I’m in a new head space now and years of working to streamline my business and workload and life is finally paying off. I’ve learned to take time out for myself and lately I find my self just sitting, sometimes I even put my phone down.  :-) I stare at my yard and the flowers I recently planted and realize I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment.  The trials that we went through, that craziness is behind us.  The new crazy is upon us, but we’re almost through it.  Maybe I’ll share this story next year.  :-)

The reality of living in my dreamhome has sunk in and it’s now perfect in every single way.  We love it here.  And I’ve created a space that is my own and not for work.  It’s relaxing and soothing and I call it my “Zen Place”.  And I have to admit I get a little sad when it’s time to leave it.


When we moved in there was a brand new back deck. So fresh it hadn’t even been stained yet. I claimed this space and have made it my own.


My uncle made me this table and built a planter right into the middle. It’s made from pallets and it’s so perfect and beautiful and it totally completed my space.


I sit here whenever I can, every moring before the sun gets too high and every evening as soon as the sun gets low enough. And this is my view as I work. It’s way better than a corner office.

Jan, the person who cared and loved our house until we ready for it made this little bench and I was excited when she left it for me.  Last fall I planted over 200 flower bulbs in this area. Then after a rainy fall, nearly 8 feet of snow and the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced not a single one of them came up. But the bird houses that the previous owner’s had left were drawing in some really pretty birds. And although I’ve always hated birds I found myself feeding them and encouraging them to come back. While it’ll never be the “English” style garden I had imagined, I’m loving it even more now I think. I love the beautiful yellow, green and especially the blue birds that come in.