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I’m going to apologize in advance if this post takes a few minutes to load.  It’s filled with seriously tons of pictures.  I couldn’t help myself!  Jeanine and Kevin’s wedding was in every ounce of the word, amazing.  It was a day filled with sunshine, love, laughter and a couple so smitten with each other it was picture perfect.  The day was perfectly planned and executed thanks to Jennie and her team at Beautiful Day Planning and another thing that made it even better for us, was we had plenty of time for pictures.  :-)

0043-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

The day started off at Jeanine’s sister’s house where all the girls were getting ready and when your day starts like this, you know it’s going to be a good day!

0026-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

0249-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

This adorable little girl is Jeanine’s niece Charlotte and I promise you by the end of the post she will steal your heart.

0464-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0013-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

Kevin started off photographing the groom Kevin as the guys got ready.  There’s a few Kevin’s today, so I’ll do my best not to confuse anyone.

0226-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0469-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

0560-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

The ceremony took place at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Rochester.  It’s one of my favorite churches filled with lots of beautiful natural light.

0302-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0551-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

There’s nothing quite like the moment a father sees his daughter as a bride for the first time to bring you to tears.

0578-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0674-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0734-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0789-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0804-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0899-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
0820-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1095-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

Afterwards we headed to Paint Creek Country Club for the rest of the evening.  This was my first opportunity to visit and I immediately fell in love with it.  There’s so many wonderful backdrops for portraits and with plenty of time, it was hard to choose my favorites.

1141-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2000-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1154-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

1354-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1706-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

1393-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

The wedding party was so much fun to work with…

1292-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

…but these two kids stole the show!

1457-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

1615-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

1799-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

After portraits with the wedding party were complete we sent them into cocktail hour and then wandered around the course for some alone time with Jeanine and Kevin.

1744-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2023-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1832-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1955-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1811-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2036-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1978-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

While I was photographing Jeanine, Kevin looked over to see Kevin taking his own picture of his bride.  Seriously so sweet…

1928-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
1751-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

1070-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

The reception room was beautifully decorated by Van Maele Florist & Greenhouse.  Simple and sweet and absolutely stunning.

1077-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB


Jeanine’s aunt is quite talented and made their delicious cake.

1055-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2827-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

2387-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2222-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

Kevin really knows how to dance and it showed as he swung Jeanine around the dance floor with grace.

2211-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2279-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

2310-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

Jeanine and her dad had some moves of their own up their sleeves too and showed them off when they surprised everyone when they busted out these during their dance.

2372-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

I wonder if Kevin’s mother taught him to dance?  They looked amazing dancing together.

2060-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB

Their good friend performed a song to kick off the dance floor and Kevin (last Kevin I promise!) from Mike Staff Productions kept the dance floor packed all night.

3007-Szymkiw Wedding_WEB
2649-Szymkiw Wedding-2_WEB

I’ll end this post with one last favorite from when we snuck out for portraits at sunset.  There wasn’t much of a sunset with the threat of rain moving in, but the light sure was pretty!



On Sunday, we had to say good bye to our best friend, companion and 13 year old puppy.  This has been one of the most painful decisions that we’ve had to make and it was heart wrenching, but we knew that it was time.  He hit old age like running head first into a brick wall.  It’s been a rough couple of months for him.  He went from running around, sniffing butts, begging for beer and yelling at us like a puppy to an old man very quickly.

In early June he first started getting sick and we learned that he had a pretty bad infection.  We aren’t sure what caused it, but he was the sickest he’s ever been.  We had to treat him with IV fluids and strong antibiotics and this was the first time I had to face the thought of losing my baby.  Although his aging body slowed the process he did beat the infection but unfortunately he still wasn’t back to himself.  We then learned now that he had cardiomyopathy and end stage congestive heart failure.

We were able to clear the cardiomyopathy through lots of meds that broke my heart everytime we gave them to him.  They made him lethargic and caused him to lose his appetite and it quickly became a game of seeing what we could get him to eat.  We tried nearly every kind of dog food, I cooked him eggs, stew, steaks, hamburger, chicken, rice, you name it we tried it.  Yes, even tripe.  McDonald’s, bread sticks, pizza and sometimes tacos were the only thing he would eat and while I hated the idea of feeding him cheeseburgers and crap every day at least he was getting some food in his belly.

Coby was resilient.  Soon the cardiomyopathy cleared but we knew that with CHF our time left with him was limited but we were committed to taking care of him.  Our amazing vet assured us he wasn’t in pain, nor was he suffering in any way.  He was now off all of the meds and doing better.  But with his arthritis getting worse, the stairs were becoming a challenge for him so Scott built him a ramp.  Which he wouldn’t use by the way.  He was too proud and learned to go slower up the stairs.   He went along for daily rides to McDonald’s or wherever we were getting his dinner from.  Although he was now officially a “Senior”, he was still smiley and happy.

Our 17 year old cat Bo on the other hand was not.  He could sense something was wrong and had quit using his litter box and spent many hours hovering over his brother and crying loudly at him and me if I wasn’t near them.  Bo’s back to using his box, but he’s a little lost right now.  He hides under a chair and is often crying out and looking for his brother.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of months in the Schwabe household.  I’m a little broken and a piece of me is missing.  We don’t have children of our own, our pets are our babies.  I never knew the true love of a pet until these 2 touched my life.  He greeted every visitor with a quick jab to the butt and then showed them the way to his treats.  He loved to show off and loved giving high fives.  Coby was there for me during the dark years of infertility treatments and never left my side.  When it was time for my injections, he would sit so that his body was touching mine, letting me know that he was there.  And then when the treatments didn’t work, he snuggled me and licked my tears away.  He let me tell him things that I couldn’t speak out loud to people.  He was a loving, gentle dog with a huge personality and he’s missed immensely.

As a photographer, I don’t have many family portraits of us all together.  A couple of weeks ago when my sister-in-law was visiting, I handed Kim my camera and asked her to take a couple of pictures of us.

I. Will. Forever. Treasure. These.



We even brought Bo outside for a few.  Doesn’t he look super excited to be there?



Many of my wedding clients live out of state and plan for their weddings back home here in Michigan, so I’m familiar with the amount of work and details that go into planning.  Allison and Eric also became quite familiar with all of that as they planned their wedding from Maryland where Eric is currently stationed for the Army.  While it took a little more planning than if they had lived here, everything came together in a simply beautiful summer day in the town where Allison grew up.

0017-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

We started off at Allison’s sister’s home where all of the girls were getting ready.

0066-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

I loved their Christmas in July theme in all of the pretty shades of blue.

0061-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0158-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0182-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0214-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0432-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0439-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

After spending some time with the girls, we headed to Veterans Memorial Park to meet up with Eric and the groomsmen before the first look.

0558-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0504-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0546-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

0588-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0652-Wiggington Wedding-2_WEB
0676-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0707-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0712-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0766-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0871-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0888-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0950-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
0986-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1010-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1050-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1104-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1191-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1196-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1222-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

The ceremony and reception took place at Lakeland Manor where Allison and Eric were surrounded with their closest family and friends. 

1291-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1325-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1127-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

Trifles Bakery in West Bloomfield created the most splendid cake gift wrapped in fondant!

1560-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

1497-Wiggington Wedding_WEB
1856-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

Motor City DJs provided music for the event and even let Eric and Allison spin a couple of songs themselves!

1589-Wiggington Wedding_WEB

I’ll wrap this post up with my favorite images from their first dance together as husband and wift.  Congratulations Allison & Eric!!


Thought I’d change things up a bit today and post one of my recent portrait sessions.  Yes, there’s more that goes on around here besides just weddings.  :-)

I’ve been photographing this family for a few years now and it’s been so fun watching Noah grow and turn into the fun, happy, busy little boy that he is.

Dana, Chris and Noah chose to come out to the studio this year (aka my back yard!) and I am in love with how they came out.  In fact it may be my favorite session with them yet.

252_Nowak 2014_WEB

I’ve really been digging the sepia edits lately, must by country living.  ;-)

202_Nowak 2014_WEB

007_Nowak 2014_WEB

Their niece and nephew were visiting from out of town, so we snuck them in for a few shots too.

110_Nowak 2014_WEB
079_Nowak 2014_WEB
156_Nowak 2014_WEB

177_Nowak 2014_WEB


Gwen and Anthony were married last month at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Rochester and it was a day filled with many emotions, a little rain and a whole lot of love….

0029-Locricchio Wedding-2_WEB
0014-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0095-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0189-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0507-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

It had rained just a little bit that morning, but the skies cleared up just in time for their first look.

0649-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0688-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0763-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
0818-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1269-Locricchio Wedding-2_WEB
1225-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
It misted for just a few more minutes during portraits, only long enough to make use of the umbrellas we brought and to get this portrait.  I love how if you look closely you can see the rain in the air.

1606-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

2051-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

1631-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1624-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1739-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1836-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1071-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1112-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
1381-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

2100-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

The reception took place at Pine Trace Golf Club and the tent was so breath taking and decorated by the talented team at Designs by Ella Rae.

2182-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
2250-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
2090-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

I loved the sugared fruits on their cake created by Militello’s Bakery

2380-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

2526-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

The reception was the perfect atmosphere for mingling complete with a strolling dinner and this fantastic photo booth that Gwen created.

2150-Locricchio Wedding_WEB

2209-Locricchio Wedding_WEB
2328-Locricchio Wedding_WEB